You would like to have a death mask done?

If you have lost a loved one and would like to have a death mask done, please contact us under ( We will produce a death mask of the face in patinated silicate bronze, showing everything from forehead to chin, usually excluding the ears. Since every such situation is different we advise a personal discussion on the final product. Costs upon request.


Q: How soon after death does a death mask have to be done?
A: If the person has been cooled professionally (e.g. at the undertaker’s or at the forensics department of a hospital) it is possible even after several weeks. Obviously, the sooner the better because the facial expression changes slightly over time, but it can still be done as late as six weeks after death.

Q: Where is it done?
A: It can be done at your home, at a hospital or funeral home, at the undertaker’s or even at the crematorium.

Q: Will the death mask destroy my loved one’s face?
A: No. Even though the final product is bronze which lasts thousands of years, the cast taken off the face does not leave any trace.

Q: Can you cast other parts of the body, too?
A: Yes, we do hand casts as well.

Q: Our loved one is outside Europe. Can you do a mask nevertheless?
A: This should be possible. North and South America as well as Asia and Africa can be reached.

Q: Can the death mask include hair and beard?
A: This is possible.